BASIC TENETS for Being Peace - Mount Washington Valley.  

 Our events:

    a).  Are firmly rooted in the action, doing or Being of Peace

    b)   All events will be conducted mindfully, and with attention to safety; masks and social distancing are requested

    c)   Are rooted in a firm belief in peace and peaceful expression

    d)   Non-adherence to these principles is discouraged; if you are not in accord with these principles, please respectfully choose not to participate in Being Peace events, including writing in the Forum portion of this Website

    e). Being Peace - Mount Washington Valley invites all individuals to participate and engage in our events and on this website forum.  BeingPeace-MWV is not affiliated with any religious group, denomination or organization, is apolitical in nature, and discourages overt messaging of a political or religious nature, and/or messaging or advocacy specifically related to or stemming from any previously existing organization.  We come together as individuals not knowing what the future may hold, bearing witness to our hopes for Peace, and with open spirits, hearts and minds to act upon whatever arises in each one of us.